2022 Reunion

Laura Ingalls Wilder cabin

Our 132nd consecutive Annual Reunion returns to the traditional in-person format! Our focus this year is on Laura Ingalls Wilder’s branch of the family. The fun happens August 5-7 in Springfield, Missouri. Reunion details have been posted. Reproduction of a cabin the Ingalls family lived in for several years

New Find: Why No Record of Capt. Locke Coming to N. H.?

Why are there no records of John’s and Nathaniel’s arrival in Portsmouth, NH? Usually, there are ship passenger records. Not for Puritans in England during the 1640’s, 1650’s and 1660’s. King James did not want his church “purified” by these malcontents many of whom were successful businessmen. The wealthier you were, the better for the King’s taxation so successful Puritans …

2024 London Reunion Committee to Propose Travel Company

Led by Vice President Chris Locke, the committee met by zoom to review proposals from travel companies for the reunion in London in 2024. The other members are Michael Hanson, of the William Locke of Woburn, MA clan, and Sally Kiel, and Don Hayes of the John Locke clan. In all, six companies were contacted with only two willing to …

2024 Reunion in London

A committee has been working on this idea for some months. The survey sent to the members was overwhelmingly positive. Imagine meeting at the park where the White Chapel stood when Capt. John Locke and his brother Nathaniel were baptized. There are several Lockes still buried in the area. We are now looking into travel agencies to design the tour …

A Protective Coat for Everything

Francis Harrington Glidden, a descendant of Capt. John Locke of Rye, sometime seaman and merchant, turned to varnish and made history. In 1866 he started as a varnish salesman, and in 1875 started his own varnish company that turned into the Glidden Varnish Company, making varnishes for furniture, pianos, carriages and wagons. He built it into the largest varnish company …

2021 Reunion

2021 Reunion

The 2021 reunion will be August 7! As last year, the business meeting will be held online (Zoom), with a remembrance at the Locke Memorial for those in town. An announcement was sent to all members June 9, or contact secretary@lockefamilyassociation.org.

Harry Mowe Opens Bowling Alley

In 1909 Harry Plummer Mowe, 7th geat-grandson of Capt John Locke, and his brother-in law William Lessor opened the Arcade Bowling Alleys on Daniel Street, in Portsmouth. They rebuilt the entire building for this purpose and the new alleys were said to be the best in the state, with the latest in ball-return equipment, and with a fine steel ceiling …

Supplement I Back in Stock

Supplement I books are back in stock! You can order Locke Genealogy Supplement Volume I (1979) on this site. Supplement I is pictured along with the reprint of the original 1916 genealogy and Supplement II (2001), both of which can also be ordered here.