Ebenezer Locke Fired the First Shot at Lexington

Ebenezer Locke was a young man from Woburn, MA who answered the alarm on April 19, 1775 and was at Lexington when the red coated soldiers arrogantly marched into town. According to his application for a pension he was the first to return fire against the solders and he had a witness who swore to that fact. Our member Bill …

Rye’s Bicentennial Coins

One of the first projects of the new Rye Historical Society in 1976 was the creation of commemorative Bicentennial Coins. The images chosen were of iconic buildings and locations of the town. The artwork is particularly fine. These were acquired for the Locke Association’s collection by a generous member. We have a full set of silver, pewter, and bronze. All …

Early quilt reportedly made from Colonial uniforms

This quilt descended in the Locke family and was given to the Tuck Museum in Hampton, NH by Julia Locke Dewey. It is supposed to have been made from uniforms of soldiers in the American Revolution. Quilt experts tell us it is more likely from the 1812 period.

Spring 2020 Newsletter

The Spring 2020 issue of the Locke Sickle & Sword is here. There is information about the new online version of the reunion as well as how this year’s reunion will take place with the pandemic situation.  

John Locke’s Sickle

While haying in his field overlooking the Atlantic Ocean at Locke’s Neck, John and his sons moved too far away from the bolder they had placed their muskets. Local tribesmen hiding in the hay saw their chance to retaliate against Locke for his successful leadership in King Philip’s War. Old Locke was set upon by a group of them and …