2020 Socially Distant Reunion Rye, NH

2020 Reunion Zoom Business Meeting

2019 Reunion Rye, NH

2018 Reunion Lockeport, Nova Scotia

2017 Reunion Rye NH

2017 Reunion Rye NH

2016 Reunion Titusville PA

2016 Reunion Titusville, PA

2015 Locke Family Association Reunion Portsmouth NH

2015 Reunion Portsmouth, NH

2014 Locke Family Association Reunion Gettysburg PA

2014 Reunion Gettysburg, PA

The 2020 Reunion was a Success!

130 Consecutive Annual Reunions despite wars and pandemics!

We had to shelve bigger plans and resorted to holding the reunion (mostly) by Zoom. This proved so popular that the business meeting might be virtual permanently
2021 - As Star Island has closed for COVID, we will again have a "virtual" reunion, with those in the Rye area meeting at the monument
2022 - We hope to return to our original plan of meeting in Missouri.
Laura Ingalls Wilder of the "Little House on the Prairie" series was a Locke descendant. We will visit her home and the museum plus some other sites in the area.
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The Locke Family Association held reunions during World Wars I and II. They were small gatherings to conduct the business of the Association and ended with a picnic.

Our Annual Reunions

We hold an annual reunion to celebrate the family's accomplishments every year in August and to commemorate our progenitors, Captain John Locke of Rye, Nathaniel Locke of Portsmouth, and Deacon William Locke of Woburn.

Traditionally, the annual reunion was in Rye, but for the last decade we have dedicated even-numbered years to meet in an "away" location where Locke descendants have played a significant role. In 2018, we went to Halifax, Nova Scotia, our first international reunion. We have had an annual reunion since our founding without fail, even through two world wars. Over 300 cousins attended our 100th reunion in 1991 and over 100 cousins commemorated the 300th anniversary of the death of Captain John Locke in 1996.

Why Hold Reunions?

Of course, there are the usual reasons, but we have had significant experiences at our reunions. On two separate occasions cousins who thought they were orphans with no family connections, found their second, third and fourth cousins at a reunion! A nine year old who thought he had a small family arrived to find a room full of cousins. This opened his mind to a broader world. It was an experience he never forgot and which later influenced on his choice of career.