2024 London Reunion Committee to Propose Travel Company

Led by Vice President Chris Locke, the committee met by zoom to review proposals from travel companies for the reunion in London in 2024. The other members are Michael Hanson, of the William Locke of Woburn, MA clan, and Sally Kiel, and Don Hayes of the John Locke clan.

In all, six companies were contacted with only two willing to respond with customized proposals to meet our intention to visit Locke-related sites.

One company is quite expensive, beginning in the $9000.00 per person range, while the other offering nearly the same services began at half that price.

The committee will make a full report and recommendation to the Executive Committee at its next meeting on March 27.


St. Mary Matfelon, formerly the White Chapel, 1n 1755. This is the second building on the site where Capt. John and Nathaniel Locke are believed to have been baptized. This was replaced by two more buildings and the last was destroyed Dec. 27, 1940 during the Blitz.

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