John Locke’s Sickle

While haying in his field overlooking the Atlantic Ocean at Locke’s Neck, John and his sons moved too far away from the bolder they had placed their muskets. Local tribesmen hiding in the hay saw their chance to retaliate against Locke for his successful leadership in King Philip’s War. Old Locke was set upon by a group of them and killed, but not before he used his sickle to lop off the nose of one of them.¬† His sons managed to escape. It was Old Locke the tribesmen were after. This was September 26, 1696.

George Locke, who’s picture you see, had the sickle framed and donated it to the New Hampshire Historical Society¬† in Concord, NH. You may see it upon request. Be sure to call ahead and ask to see his sword also.

George Locke was one of the two founders of the Association.

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