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OUR GENEalogies

Our master genealogy of the family was published in 1917 and it is kept in print by the Association for descendants who are recently discovering their heritage. Our first supplement was published in 1979 and a second followed in 2002. We are receiving information for our third supplement.


A History and Genealogy of Captain John Locke [ 1627 - 1696 ] of Portsmouth and Rye, N.H. and his Descendants, also of Nathaniel Locke of Portsmouth, and a short account of the History of the Lockes in England. The bulk of these volumes concern John Locke and his descendants. Female lines are frequently carried forward for several generations, so this work also has much valuable information on other families of southeastern New Hampshire (Batchelder, Lamprey, Marden, Moulton, Page, Perkins, Philbrick, Sanborn, Trefethern, and many others). This two volume set contains 20,303 names. The span of years is 1627-1901, which involves 10 generations.

by Arthur H. Locke
1 Volume paperback reprint, 720 pages.
Originally published in 1917
ISBN 1-55613-889-X
US$ 40.00 plus shipping


The first Supplement to A History and Genealogy of Captain John Locke [ 1627 - 1696 ] involving descendants of Captain John. A sub-section is also included about descendants of William Locke of Woburn. The number of names contained in this volume is 3,561. It covers the span of years from 1761 to 1971. It also spans from the 5th to the 13th generations.
1 Volume paperback reprint, 336 pages
Originally published in 1979
ISBN 0-7884-0642-6
US$ 30.00 plus shipping


The second Supplement to A History and Genealogy of Captain John Locke [ 1627 - 1696 ]. The number of names included in Supplement II is 9,740. The span of years that it covers is 1683-1991. It also spans 12 generations (3-15).
1 Volume Hardcover original, 556 pages
Published in 2002
Peter Randall Publisher
US$ 30.00 plus shipping




Available in 2019


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