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We are a family organization that puts as great an emphasis on the fellowship of modern Locke descendants as on the traditional genealogical pursuits of collecting and publishing data and preserving Locke artifacts.


"Experts on human personality tell us there are three things people really need to live a rich and happy life. The first thing is to know where you come from, to know your heritage. The second is for our lives to have a purpose or a sense of significance. The third and most important thing is that along the way we connect with other people. If you look around the room to each other we should consider ourselves very fortunate because we can find all three of those things right here in this room. We should be thankful that we live in a country where this is possible and to be part of a family that helped make it so. We should consider ourselves very rich." - Tom Hunt at the 120th annual family reunion.


Our Beginnings
The Locke Family Association was founded in 1891 by descendants of Captain John and Elizabeth (Berry) Locke who settled at Locke's Neck in the middle of the Seventeenth Century. In 1898, a desire to make the Association a permanent organization led the members to incorporate under the laws of the State of New Hampshire. We believe we are the oldest incorporated organization of this type in the United States.


From the beginning, the organization has also included descendants of Deacon William Locke of Woburn, Massachusetts, who came to America at the age of 6, and of Nathaniel Locke of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, John's brother.  These are the only known Lockes to settle in New England or Canada in the 17th century.


How We Operate
The Association is a democratic organization which encourages the participation of all members in voting, holding office, and voicing concerns at meetings. Of course, all are encouraged to take the opportunity to make new friends with distant cousins.


Our Hometown: Rye, New Hampshire
When Captain John and Elizabeth (Berry) Locke settled at Locke's Neck it was part of the town of Hampton, NH. In 1723 several citizens petitioned the legislature to create a new town out of a piece of Hampton. This new town, where Locke's Neck is located, was named Rye. Members of the Locke family were the primary movers in the creation of Rye.


Preserving Locke History
The Association owns and preserves the Old Locke Burying Ground on Locke's Neck in Rye, NH which is the final resting place of John and Elizabeth (Berry) Locke and many of their children and grandchildren. Recently, the Association has joined with the Rye Historical Society to preserve historic landmarks and documents of the town. We also maintain an archive of historical items from the Association's history as well as items pertaining to individual Lockes.


Won't You Join Us?

Descendants are encouraged to join and participate as well as historians and researchers interested in local or genealogical history. We have an international membership with cousins from several countries. Join online at our Membership page.

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Please join online on our membership page or email our membership chair for more details.

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